How can I enter the Imperial Beauties of the World Pageant?

Potential contestants must apply to enter the Imperial Beauties of the World pageant by applying through the Director in your country or State if one is not available you must contact the World office to apply for an appointed title.

What are the Competitions?

Interview * Evening Gown* World Fashion

What is the judging criteria for the World pageant?

Contestants will be judged in three separate categories; evening gown, world fashion (fun fashion), and a personality interview. There is no talent competition.

One contestant in each division with the highest combined score in the 3 required Competitions at the end of our pageant will be crowned World Imperial Beauty winner.

What are the Age Divisions?

Age Divisions are determined by the age of the contestant on June 1 of the year of the world competition.

The Age Divisions are:

Petite Miss – Ages 4 to 6 Jr. Miss – Ages 7 to 9 Preteen – Ages 10 to 12
Junior Teen – Ages 13 to 15 Teen – Ages 16 to 19 Miss – Ages 20 to 29
Woman – Ages 30 and up

Who can participate?

No experience is necessary. Our pageant is open to any delegate between the ages of 4 through 60.

Participants does not need to be pageant winners or seasoned pageant contestant to compete. Participants will receive instruction and unlimited telephone support to help guide them. Pageant titles can be won by competing at a local/state pageant if available or they can be appointed if a pageant is not available in your area or countries. A complete set of rules and guidelines will be supplied as well as the Official Imperial Beauties of the World Handbook and other materials upon receipt and acceptance of your Registration.

This is your first step of a very special opportunity for you to participate in the adventure of a lifetime and experience breathtaking excitement most girls can only dream of! Our experience is nothing less than magical.
How many contestants compete in the Imperial Beauties of the World pageant?

In the case of the World pageant, no more than 30 delegates are allowed in one division. No more than 210 contestants combined can participate in the pageant.

What forms of payment does the pageant accept?

Credit cards are accepted via PayPal. Checks from sponsors must be made out to Imperial Beauties. Businesses can pay with a credit or debit card via PayPal, also. Please visit the payments page for more information.

What expenses does my entry fee cover during the pageant?

Producing and running a pageant of this caliber is very expensive. Your entry fee covers some activities, food, transportation, gifts, marketing and advertising,
pageant competition magazine, judges and staff expenses, accommodations for returning Queens to the World Pageant,
Our entry fee is very low comparable to other pageants of this caliber, our all-inclusive pageant fee and payment plan makes it affordable to participate.

What can I do to best prepare for the pageant?

Contestants should discuss preparing for the pageants with their country or state directors. They have a wealth of information, contacts and referrals.

Am I required to have a pageant coach?

No. While some feel more prepared when they work with an experienced pageant coach who can give them tips, many have won titles without any outside training. Candidates also turn to their state and country directors for assistance, as the directors are experienced in providing effective guidance about the pageant.

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