To register for this pageant preliminary first be sure you go over the information in the contestant portal and understand the policies, requirement and expectations. Then fill out the form below which will be sent to the national office and forwarded to the appropriate director. If you have any problems feel free to contact the national office directly.

  • State Title Application

    If there is a State pageant offered in your area the entry fee is $195.00, payable at time of application submission.
  • Name of contestant competing.
  • Parent or guardian if under 18. Contact person.
  • The age division contestant will be competing in:
  • Phone number of parent/guardian if under 18.
  • One per line.
  • (If you already have a title, please type it in.)
  • By submitting the form above, I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations, directives and provisions for contestants as set forth in the Imperial Beauties of America Organization. I understand that all monies paid to Imperial Beauties of America are non-refundable, and returned checks will incur a fee of $30. I understand that state titles will be appointed in the order in which applications are received and that if a state pageant is held in my state, I will be appointed the States Capital title in lieu of competing at the stage pageant. I understand that a deposit of half of the national sponsorship fee is due within 30 days of confirmation of state/regional title, with the remainder due within 60 days of confirmation in order to secure my title. I agree to accept this state/regional title as confirmation and a commitment to compete at the national competition and will assume all responsibility for payment of national program fees. I understand and agrees to the responsibilities of being a State queen and therefore agree to its terms. I understand that if I am unable to attend nationals for any reason, I must forfeit my state title, must return the crown and sash, and I will not receive a refund of any monies paid to Imperial Beauties of America. Imperial Beauties of America has the right to refuse entry at its discretion. I further agree that my child may appear in taped segments or printed advertisements for Imperial Beauties of America in the future without compensation after said competition. Delegates and their parents/guardians hereby release and forever discharge Imperial Beauties of America Scholarship Organization, its directors, employees, volunteers and staff from any and all claims and demands arising from damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, loss or injury resulting from participation in the Imperial Beauties of America Scholarship Program. I also affirm that all of the enclosed forms are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, including name, birthday, city and state of residence. I understand any false or misleading statements will be sufficient reason for dismissal from the pageant system Delegates and their parents/guardians further covenant and agree not to sue the organization, its directors individually, its employees, volunteers or staff for any claim for damages or liability.